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Isabell (Bella) Rink was born in Germany in 1994.

She discovered her love for Photography on her 14th Birthday, when she received her first Canon Camera, a present from her Father.

Over the years Isabell has continued to advance her passion with photography, expanding ideas practically with the ongoing intent of a career within the field of photography.

In 2014, Isabell was fortunate enough to begin her photographic education, at Dörre Fotodesign BFF (Munich, Germany,, where she spent the next three years completing her study. During this period Isabell was awarded a scholarship into the German PIC Professional imagers club (

Post completion of her study, she has gone on to travel Indonesia, Thailand and Australia, expanding her photography repertoire, and gaining invaluable skills and experience.

Isabell has since returned to Europe, basing herself outside of Munich in Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany.

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